Dusk Monsoon

Dusk Monsoon back cover

Dusk Monsoon back cover

Dusk Monsoon was released by Simla House© in 2002. On this recording Paul Alexandre John plays two ragas on the “Bansuri”, the Indian bamboo flute accompanied by Ray Spiegel on tabla; Shree Raga which is played during the twilight hours, and Raga Mian ki Malhar, which is played during the rainy season.

Paul Alexandre John-Bansuri – (bamboo) flute 
Paul Alexandre John was born in Calcutta, India to Armenian immigrant parents. While growing up, he absorbed the sights and sounds of that most artistic of Indian cities. He was drawn to the sound of the Raga; India’s unique and complex system of classical music. Paul studied from the Bansuri master, Sri Gour Goswami and was a favorite student, getting special lessons at the home of his guru. Paul absorbed an immense amount of knowledge from his studies and still practices relentlessly at his home in Maine. Paul is also an accomplished artist/painter who’s beautiful painting is included in this CD package.
Ray Spiegel plays tabla on this recording. Ray has learned from the famous tabla maestros, Ustad Alla Rakha and Ustad Zakir Hussain of the Punjab Gharana, (tradition of tabla drumming). Ray began his formal training in 1971 under Sri. B. S. Ramanna of Hydrabad, India. He toured India in that year with John Cooper’s East-West Chamber Ensemble, concertizing in Bombay, Madras, Calcutta, and New Delhi, and stayed on in Delhi to study for one year. He has since been back to India more than ten times for further study and concerts and recordings.

Born in New York city of Japanese/American ancestry, Ray Spiegel was trained in the Punjab Gharana (style) of tabla playing the by late master of the tabla Ustad Alla Rakha. He has also received important training from Ustad Zakir Hussain, and Pt. B.S. Ramanna of New Delhi. He has performed and recorded in the U.S. and India as both accompanist and soloist, appearing with well-known artists such as: Alla Rakha and Zakir Hussain (tabla), Ravi Shankar (sitar), Sultan Khan (Sarangi), Aashish Khan, Geoffery Lipner, Stephen James, Buddhadev Das Gupta, Steve Oda, and Ken Zuckerman (Sarode), Vidyadhar Vyas, Raka Mukherjee, Warren Senders, Stan Scott, Sheila Dhar, Esha Bandopadhaya, Pran Nath, LaMonte Young, and Balram Puri (vocalists), Irshad Khan, Manilal Nag, Mita Nag, James Pomerantz, and Partha Bose (Sitar), Paul Alexandre John, Steve Gorn and Ragunath Seth (Bansuri flute), Barun Kumar Pal (Hindustani Guitar), and Chitresh Das (Kathak dance).

Outside the realm of traditional Indian Classical Music, Ray leads his group, the Ray Spiegel Ensemble, composes and records film and television soundtracks, and performs with many various artists. His past recording and performing credits include: The Grateful Dead, Patty Smyth, Mickey Hart/Diga Rhythm Band, Zakir Hussain and the Rhythm Experience, Robert Bly, Tor Dietrichson, Najma, Bhagavan Das, Gabrielle Roth, L. Shankar (violin), Bon Jovi, Paul Winter, Danilo Perez, Mike Diamond (Beastie Boys), Karl Berger, John Cooper, Tani Tabbal, Tony Dagradi, Tim Armacost, Karl Perazo, Rebecca Maleon, Dave Tofani, Gordon Gotlieb, and Bill Cosby. Ray is also the founder of Simla House, an independent record label.